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Best Kratom Strains to Break Your Present Kratom Cycle

Best Kratom Strains to Break Your Present Kratom Cycle

Mitragyna Speciosa, popularly famed as Kratom, originated in the lush green jungle areas of Southeast Asian countries. The plant belongs to the extended family of coffee plants. In the Southeastern countries, the herb has existed over several centuries away from everyone’s knowledge. It has been a symbol of stature for the locals. It took many centuries for Kratom to finally reach the other parts of the world. When the locals felt the need for growth in trade and commerce, they started shipping it. Since then, Kratom has gradually spread across the world and became what it is today.

Kratom Strains

Kratom is divided into strain based on the location of their originating trees and the color of the leaf veins. However, that is not the only thing that makes them unique. Each of the Kratom strains is different in terms of biochemical composition, and thus their properties and effects also tend to differ.

For instance, Red Dragon Kratom and Red Thai are much alike, but it is much different than the Red Hulu Kratom strains.

Kratom Cycle

When you have a particular Kratom strain for an extensive duration, you get accustomed to its properties, and hence, you develop a tolerance towards its effect. You might feel it is not working as it did earlier. The main reason behind this is you getting inured with the specific kratom cycle.

For this reason, kratom experts suggest including a few more strains with distinctive properties. If you have noticed, when you try different perfumes, you often try smelling coffee beans in between to cleanse the palate. It helps you to differentiate the aromas better. Similarly, experiencing new kratom strains in the middle of your ongoing kratom cycle helps you to not adopt it. So, you can enjoy it again like you did initially.

Top Kratom Strains to Break Your Present Kratom Cycle

What Kratom strain you will pick depends on the kratom strain you are having. It needs to be very different from what you are having right now. Assess your strain and its effects before going ahead and pick the best suitable Kratom strain to get over it.

  • Green Malay.It is very soothing and comes from the forest regions of Malaysian. It has green veins and the effects are of low intensity. It is a perfect strain if your present cycle comprises red or white-veined kratom. Check out Krave Kratom Green Malay Powder and Capsules.
  • Red Hulu.If you are having white-veined Kratom and have a liking for potent Kratom variants, then this Kratom is a great choice. It comes from the Hulu region of Borneo Island. The strain is very rare, and it grows in the heart of the dense forest, which is hard to access. Check out Krave Kratom Red Hulu Powder and Capsules.
  • White Thai.It will be an ideal option for those who are adapted to green-veined and versatile kratom strains (such as Green Malay, Bali, MaengDa). White veined Kratom is more potent than green-vein Kratom strains that have mild effects. Kindly note, it is never advisable to switch to red vein kratom from green vein. If you want to switch, do it slowly. Check out Krave Kratom White Thai Powder and Capsules.
  • White Maeng Da.If you are not a big fan of White Thai, then you can also try White Maeng Da. Check out Krave Kratom White Maengda Powder and Capsules.
  • Yellow Borneo.If you have experienced all the different kinds of kratom strains like red, green, and white, then trying Yellow Borneo sounds like a nice idea. Check out Krave Kratom Yellow Borneo Powder and Capsules.
  • CBD Infused Kratom. When you have tried everything and still are not happy, you need something more than Kratom. Krave Botanicals has got you the perfect product to introduce some fun in your present cycle. Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom is a fine fusion of pure CBD extracts and pure Kratom powder. With this, you can enjoy the benefits of both CBD and Kratom. Check out Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom Powder and Capsules.

There are many more great strains in the market. The trick to breaking the cycle is to pick the strain that has a different potency level that what you are having right now. However, don’t try anything too potent if you are new to kratom or familiar with only mild Kratom strains.

You can find all the great Kratom strains in powder and capsules forms here. You can order samples as well before trying them out regularly. If you order now, you get to enjoy free shipping across the continent as well.

Hurry up, pick the perfect Kratom strain to break your present Kratom cycle!

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