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Best Kratom Strains for All Purposes

Welcome to another exciting kratom blog with Krave Botanicals. Today, we are going to share which kratom strains are best for do it all purposes. So, if you are looking for the one-in-all kratom pick, make sure you read this blog until the end.

Kratom Strains: How Each of Them Differ So Much

Kratom is categorized into several strains based on their location and leaf vein colors. Well, that is not the only difference the strains have. Each of the regions where the Mitragyna Speciosa plants grow has different soil content, fertility rate. Even the climatic conditions also differ.

Interestingly, two or more different strains can grow in the same forest. For example, Red Vein Dragon Kratom is believed to grow in the same jungle where the Thai kratom grows.

Best Kratom Strains for All Purposes

Almost all the kratom strains available in the market can be used in many ways. However, if we must pick a few names for the do-it-all solution, then it would be the following:

  • Bali. It is the most versatile kratom strains we got so far. Also, it tops the chart in terms of popularity. The strain comes from the thick jungles of Borneo.
  • Red Dragon. The mysterious strain comes from the tropical forests of Thailand and is famed for its amazing properties.
  • Red Hulu. Grown on the banks of Kapuas river in Hulu region in Borneo, Red Hulu Kratom has created a big stir among the avid kratom lovers.

CBD Infused Kratom. Though not exactly a natural strain, it is prepared by infusing the Cannabidiol extracts into the pure kratom, making it another awesome kratom variant.

If you are looking forward to purchasing kratom, go ahead try one of these strains. You can avail all these strains in both powder and capsule forms at our Krave Kratom store. Hurry up, Order now!

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