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Best Kratom Strains for Newbie Kratom Lovers

Best Kratom Strains for Newbie Kratom Lovers

Because of Kratoms’ amazing properties, its fanbase is continually growing. However, it is a big challenge to find the best Kratom strains for beginners. Not only there are many strains. But there are sub-variants as well. And nowadays, there are different kinds of Kratom products like extracts, powder and capsules. Again, some products combine multiple strains of Kratom to create a highly versatile Kratom product.

Moreover, the quality and potency of one strain can vary from one vendor to another. In this post, we are going to go through most of the popular Kratom strains and products available and pick the best ones for the Kratom beginners. Let’s start.

Kratom Strains (based on their leaf vein color)

  • Green-vein Kratom. The Kratom leaves which have green-colored leaf veins are called Green Kratom. They are very soothing and have moderate effect intensity. Green Malay is the most common Kratom strain in this category.
  • Red-vein Kratom. These are those Kratom leaves which have reddish vein color. They have a higher concentration of biochemical properties and considered to be exceptionally potent and robust. Some of the popular Red-vein Kratom strains are Red Hulu, Red Dragon and more.
  • White-vein Kratom. The white-vein Kratom leaves have a pale stem and vein structure which appear whitish. They work comparatively faster than the other two variants. White Thai and White MaengDa are two popular Kratom strains available in the market.

However, you may have heard of another kratom strain called Yellow Kratom. You will be surprised to learn that there are no such Kratom leaves with yellow veins. It is a Kratom variety that is prepared from any of the existing green, red and white Kratom strains. Yellow Kratom products are made in a different process; some manufacturers even ferment it. The unique manufacturing process gives it a characteristic yellow color. Hence, the products are recognized as Yellow Kratom.

Best Kratom Strains for Newbie Kratom Lovers

Kratom has a wide range of effects, and its benefits differ substantially. The impact of a Kratom strain isn’t always equal for everyone. Hence, it is hard to define which Kratom strains would be the best choice for a beginner. So, we are going to put together all the great Kratom strains that you might find great to get started with.

  • Green Malay Kratom. The strain originates in the jungle of Malaysia and has a popularity for being a standard kratom strain. As compared to any other popular Kratom strain, Green Malay Kratom is very mild and hence makes an excellent choice for a newbie Kratom lover.
  • MaengDa Kratom. It is one of the most famous Kratom strains available in the market. Locally, MaengDa means ‘Pimp-Grade’. It has red, white and green sub-variants among which green-vein MaengDa Kratom would be an ideal choice.

Green-vein Kratom variants are the mildest one. Then, comes the white-veined Kratom. A beginner can try these two kinds of Kratom strain to get the hang of it. However, a newbie should never try the red-vein Kratoms like Red Hulu, Red Dragon which at the early stage of his Kratom journey. These strains are too potent for any beginner.

Which Kratom Form Is Best for Beginners?

Kratom has evolved all these years, making it more convenient and handier for the customers to enjoy. There are Kratom capsules, Kratom powder and even Kratom extracts. You may find all these products a bit confusing, which is why we are going to share some handy tips for you to get started.

  • Kratom Sample. Before you buy any Kratom strain or form, it is better to test it. The best way to do it is by getting the Kratom samples. You can know if the strain is a good fit for you or not without investing much. You can order a pack of Krave Kratom Samples of MaengDa or Green Malay for $4.95. Each pack contains ten capsules of Kratom of your choice.
  • Kratom Powder or Capsules or Extract? Never, ever go for the Kratom extract at the initial stage. It is too potent, and not anyone can handle its strong effects well. If you are starting, Kratom powder and capsules would be ideal for you. However, kratom capsules are handier than the powder form. Each capsule contains pure Kratom powder but in a measured quantity. Because of all these reasons, Kratom capsules are perfect for beginners. You can go to our entire Krave Kratom Capsule line here.

We hope now you have all the answers to your doubts and queries. Now, that you know which is the best Kratom for you, why don’t you check out our Krave Kratom capsules and get started!

Happy Kratom!

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