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Krave Kratom

Kratom Showdown: Bali vs. White Thai

With so many kratom variants available around the world, one can apparently get confused which is what strain and what they exactly do. Kratom is categorized depending on the location of the plants from where the kratom has been manufactured, then the color of the veins of those leaves. In this way, there can so various kratom strains and variants like Red-vein MaengDa, Green Malay, Thai, Indo and so on.
All of these strains’ names are not only different, but they also have unique biochemical compositions which attribute to their unique effects and uses. For some weeks now, we have been comparing one strain with another so you could have a better understanding of the variants’ features and how they work. This week we are going for a showdown between our very favorite Bali Kratom and White Thai Kratom. Let’s begin now:

  • Bali Kratom: For year Bali has been the standard kratom. Though named Bali it doesn’t come from that place. It is prepared from the leaves of kratom plants grown in Borneo. This variant is more cost effective than the other options which have helped in increasing its count of devotees. Bali kratom can also be green, red and white vein.
  • White Thai Kratom: Thai kratom has been an Umbrella strain to many of the other strains like MaengDa, Bali and so on. At present, Thai kratom especially the white vein has made its separate place in the world of kratom for its excellent effects.

You can try the samples of Krave Kratom Bali and White Thai for only $4.95 for each pack and assess them yourself and then buy your kratom strain.
Happy Kratom!