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Krave Kratom Showdown: Bali vs Gold Kratom

Recently we have come across an inquiry from one of our customers where we have been asked about the difference of Krave Kratom Bali and Gold strain. Then we realized that many of our customers might have the same query in their minds. So, we decided to answer it in such a way so that everyone having difficulty to differentiate between Bali and Gold kratom gets benefited from it. For this reason we are going to dedicate this week’s blog post to Bali versus Gold creative topic.

  • Krave Kratom Bali
    It is a specific kind of a strain that grows in the land of Borneo. Bali was used as transportation hub which is why the kratom strain was named Bali. It is has three different veins – red, green and white. All of these has a specific biochemical properties that make them unique and different from others.
  • Krave Kratom Gold
    Krave Kratom Gold, on another hand is exclusive blend of five different strains each having different properties. While Bali has specific purposes of using it, those who use Gold kratom find it to pretty soothing, relaxing and a balanced effect and use it for several purposes.

Basic Difference
The main difference is that Bali is a specific strain where is gold is a blend. Their origin and biochemical properties are different and so are the purposes of using them.

If you are interested in trying Kratom, no matter which variant it is – Bali or Gold, we suggest you to try a sample pack to assess the quality before buying in large quantity. Krave Kratom offers packs of ten capsules of Bali, Maeng Da and Gold Kratom for $4.95.