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A Guide to Kratom Storage: How to Keep Your Kratom Fresh and Potent

Kratom, a miraculous tropical herb popular around the globe, is found to have a longer shelf life compared to other botanicals, retaining its aroma, color, efficiency, and potency for an extended period. The primary active ingredient, mitragynine, undergoes a gradual transformation into a different substance when it is not stored appropriately. To make sure the Kratom remains fresh and potent for an extended time, certain storage conditions must be met.

In this Krave Kratom blog post, we will discuss the key factors that influence the herb’s overall shelf life and share some tried and tested storage tips. Following the tips outlined in this post, you can maximize the freshness and potency of the Kratom, ensuring a quality experience every time.

Thumb Rule for Maintaining Kratom Freshness

Keeping Kratom fresh and potent is essential for achieving the desired results. Kratom enthusiasts should adhere to certain guidelines to maintain its potency. It is recommended to enjoy the fresh, grounded Kratom leaves within one to three months of purchase. Furthermore, it is always advisable to purchase Kratom from reputable vendors like Krave Botanicals to ensure that you are receiving nothing but fresh, high-quality Kratom.

Kratom Storage Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re selecting a storage spot for your Kratom, consider some of the factors that can influence its flavor, quality, and lifespan.

  • Fluctuating Temperature. When it comes to storing Kratom, temperature stability is key. Even though Kratom should be kept in a cool environment, fluctuations in temperature can cause it to degrade quickly. If your kitchen tends to become hot in the afternoon, it might not be the ideal place for Kratom storage.
  • Harmful UV Lights. Just like our skin, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight also affects Kratom. The UV rays in sunlight can break down the alkaloids in Kratom, resulting in less potent Kratom. Ensure that your Kratom is kept away from direct sunlight to maintain its quality for an extended period.
  • Oxidation. Oxygen is crucial for oxidation, but it can also lead to the degradation of Kratom,making it less effective. The herb is highly sensitive to environmental changes, so limit oxygen exposure as much as possible during storage.
  • Bad Odor. Refrigerating Kratom can be an excellent storage option if you don’t have access to other suitable cold and dark spaces. However, it’s essential to be cautious of any strong odors in the refrigerator that could affect the freshness of Kratom.

A Guide to Kratom Storage: Tips to Keep Kratom Fresh and Potent

Prevent Humidity. Moisture is the biggest enemy of Kratom. Humidity or moisture have the same negative impact on kratom capsules, powder, or Kratom leaves. Therefore, it’s crucial to store your Kratom in a dry place away from any dampness. If your refrigerator is humid, it is not an ideal place to store your Kratom.

Daily Storage of Kratom. The best method for storing Kratom for regular purposes is in small plastic bags. Split your Kratom leaves or kratom powder into little amounts for each day, and then store each quantity in its own separate container.

Remove Air. It’s crucial to remove all the air from the bag, as oxygen diminishes Kratom’s longevity. Close the bag and press down to remove any remaining air. You can also suck out the air with a straw right before you zip it shut. When you’ve sealed your plastic bags, organize them in a bigger sealed container to categorize your Kratom by week or month.

Long-Term Kratom Storage. If you’re wondering how to store Kratom long-term, go for the same short-term storage technique. Distribute your Kratom into bigger portions and store some of them together in a bag or container. You may organize it by strain or product type. You merely need to take out what you need to replenish your regular stock.

Go for Different Containers. Aside from glass jars, the best containers for keeping Kratom are dark-colored, UV-resistant plastic bags and freezer bags, because you can suck out all the air before stashing them in a cool, dark spot. Oxygen-absorbing bags are great as they absorb oxygen, which contains salt and iron, and can help prevent this. When the bags are sealed, the iron in them reacts with the air to absorb oxygen, making them ideal for storing Kratom for a long period of time.

Regularly Check Your Kratom. If you keep Kratom in your pantry or freezer, be sure it doesn’t develop freezer burn or mildew. Loss of smell, loss of color, and visible signs of decay or freezer burn indicate your Kratom isn’t appropriately stored.

Kratom is a precious and beneficial supplement that deserves proper storage. Proper storage can prevent contamination, degradation, and loss of potency, enabling you to enjoy the full benefits of this herb. To buy and restock your Kratom, check out our Krave Kratom store right away.

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