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Krave Kratom

A Guide to Kratom Storage: How to Keep Your Kratom Fresh and Potent

Kratom, a miraculous tropical herb popular around the globe, is found to have a longer shelf life compared to other botanicals, retaining its aroma, color, efficiency, and potency for an extended period. The primary active ingredient, mitragynine, undergoes a gradual transformation into a different substance when it is not stored appropriately. To make sure the Kratom remains fresh and potent…

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Kratom Travelogue: Visiting the Regions Where Kratom is Grown

Kratom is one miraculous herb that has taken the entire world by storm. It is one type of tree that is commonly found in tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Its leaves are usually harvested, dried, and ground into powder form; they are also encapsulated in gelatin capsule shells. Different strains of Kratom exist on the market, depending on the origin…

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