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100% Pure Kratom: What Makes Kratom Pure

100% Pure Kratom: What Makes Kratom Pure

For several generations, Kratom has been widely preferred for multiple purposes in many tropical countries of Southeast Asia and Africa. It is a revolutionary herb that took over the internet like a storm in the last few years. Kratom that we see in powder and capsule forms come from the leaves of the Kratom trees, which, as you should have already guessed, grows natively in the tropical jungle regions of certain Southeast Asian countries. It is available in different forms, like powder, capsules, extracts, apart from raw leaf leaves.

It is important to note that Kratom has been kept in secrecy for several centuries. Though it’s prevalent today, it took many centuries to get there. There weren’t many sources of Kratom available back then. However, thanks to the technological progression, we can acquire it without any fuss. Still, there is a big problem persisting – kratom is easy to obtain, but is it 100% pure?

Today, in this week’s article, we are going to address a very important fact; what makes Kratom 100% pure.

How Are Kratom Products Made?

Kratom is a leaf of a tropical plant that is called Mitragyna Speciosa in scientific language. The leaves are then treated to manufacture a range of products that are handy and convenient for Kratom lovers around the world. Moreover, these products have a longer shelf life as compared to the raw leaves.

At first, a team of kratom experts identifies and handpicks the most appropriate leaves for the products. Each product requires a unique kind of kratom leaves. There are many kratom strains or variants that can be further categorized based on their leaf vein colors like green, red, and white. The leaves are not different in terms of the leaf vein colors but also in their properties. Hence, it is essential to pick them correctly.

After carefully picking the leaves, they are brought in the manufacturing unit, where they are thoroughly washed to remove dirt. The cleansing process is conducted without any chemical only with lukewarm water. Now, the leaves are sieved to drain out the excess water. Then the next step is to dry them – each of the manufacturers has unique methods to do this. The following treatments give the products its exclusive benefits and properties. Once dried, the kratom leaves are powdered. The kratom dust is then filtered through a dense mesh to ensure it has a smooth texture. After this, the powder is either packed as Kratom Powder or forwarded to the other departments to prepare kratom capsules or extracts.

This should be the ideal process to prepare 100% pure kratom products which should not involve any synthetic cleanser, color, or fragrance. However, if the kratom leaves are not properly picked and checked, then it can also lower the purity of Kratom.

What Are the Important Elements that Decide the Purity of Kratom?

It would be wrong to call them elements, but there are a few things that can alter the purity. For example,

  • If you are getting some cheap herbal powder (which is not Kratom) in the name of Kratom.
  • Many vendors mix in the powder of any herb to increase the volume of Kratom to earn more profit. Hopefully, you are not getting such kratom products.
  • If the kratom leaves are not cleaned properly, or there are some bad, rotten leaves or stems in them. The product will be considered impure if it is not prepared organically.

Are You Buying 100% Pure Kratom? How to Be Sure?

Kratom, the herb doesn’t have a smell or trait that will allow any common person to identify it. It is impossible to assess the quality or purity of the kratom product. Hence, it isn’t very easy to know if you are buying pure Kratom or not.

In most of the cases, the vendors or intermediaries adulterate the Kratom with other powder to increase the volume. Such dishonest activities allow them to offer discounts to the buyers and yet make a good profit. You would be surprised to know that pure Kratom is expensive as it is hard to acquire from Southeast Asian countries and prepare organically. While discounts may sound exciting, but they may also mean you are getting bluffed with some inferior quality, impure kratom products.

The most reliable way to confirm that you are buying 100% pure kratom is to purchase it directly from the manufacturers. Unlike in the past, manufacturers can now communicate with the buyers because of their online presence.

If you are looking for real Kratom with 100% purity commitment, check out Krave Kratom Powder and Capsules.

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